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Artist: Beatles Reimagined



Featuring ten up-and-coming American bands across diverse genres, Beatles Reimagined commemorates the 50th anniversary of the recording and release of classic Beatles tracks from 1963-4, including “From Me To You”, “She Loves You”, and “I Saw Her Standing There” which cemented the band’s status as the princes of rock and roll.

These new interpretations are not simply covers but have acts reinvisioning the songs in their own unique language and sounds from acoustic folk, new-wave, and downtempo through retro pop and new-rock.

The Beatles Reimagined album will be released on Community Music’s “Community Project” imprint with a percentage of the profits going to charities involved in music and youth.

1. All My Loving – The Well Pennies
2. From Me To You – Mobley
3. Misery – Feverbody
4. I Saw Her Standing There – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
5. I Wanna Be Your Man – Night Panther
6. I Feel Fine – Jhameel
7. There’s A Place – Leftover Cuties
8. She Loves You – Badwolf
9. Please Please Me – Adventure Galley
10. And I Love Her – Doom & Gloom

11. There’s A Place – Brett (iTunes Exclusive)

12. I Wanna Be Your Man – Gypsy Death Star (iTunes Exclusive)

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