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Artist: A Most Violent Year



Alex Ebert pairs with writer/director JC Chandor to score his A Most Violent Year, the follow up to Chandor’s All Is Lost, which earned Ebert the Golden Globe Award for “Best Original Score”
The film captures the intensity and drama of New York City in its most violent year, 1981. The score features “America For Me” along with 8 other instrumental pieces both written for and inspired by the film.

Alex Ebert is a singer/songwriter, film composer, writer, and social activist. He won the Golden Globe for Best Original Score this year and is a Grammy winner. His band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, a platinum-selling band, are going to begin recording their 4th studio album this year. He lives in New Orleans with his girlfriend, Roehm Hepler-Gonzalez, and their daughter. He is also currently completing a book “on the commodification of individualism” entitled Kingdom Cool.