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Aaron Embry’s Tiny Prayers Available September 18th

In April 2012 Aaron began recording, and the outcome is Tiny Prayers: a 10-track collection that explores a wide range of emotions while anchored in the cardinal folk tradition of simplicity. Elemental song structures and spartan acoustic arrangements bring Embry up close and in focus as a songwriter, singer, and musician. Lyrics such as “Is my happiness dependent on its own design? Am I only waking up to leave my dreams behind?” are evidence of his love for emotional complexity, while his voice and bare instrumentation carve melodies that are built like something low to the ground yet wide as the sky.

Tiny Prayers was recorded at the Embry’s family home in Ojai, CA.

Tiny Prayers will be available September 18th, 2012.

Here’s the track listing:
01. Moon Of The Daylit Sky
02. Raven’s Song
03. Tiny Prayers
04. When All Is Gone
05. Ode To ‘If’
06. Good-Red-Road Man
07. No Go
08. To The One
09. So I Turn
10. Your Heart And Mine

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